Burning Log Fire Stones

The plates have started clattering again and complaining, there’s talk of a walkout. Trade off the dusty bananas for the doctor’s pamphlets, onto a winner there. For dinner the local restaurant fired the head-arms-shoulders chief, oh what a blasta-bia with garlic cocktails he was. He needs to go and faster than before. Who?

Michelle Moloney King is an emerging writer, she has an undergrad in computer science from University of Limerick, which started her interest in string theory,  is a qualified Hypnotherapist – both of which resulted in creating experimental poetry. She has a post grad in education from Hibernia College and works as  a primary school teacher. She is a member of Golden Vale Writers Group and Silver Apples Writers Group. She is a volunteer for National Campaign for the Arts, Ireland and a Narrative 4 facilator – a charity working with kids and employing them through creating their story. her site is 

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