Ezra can stand on one foot forever

We’ve been waiting at the bus-stop for an eternity. Buses pass by resembling light-filled mausoleums. The one we’re after has yet to crest the hill.

Ezra’s fingers claw my elbow. “I’ve never been this bored before.”

I grit my teeth and exhale. “See how long you can balance on one foot.”

Before the zoo closed, I’d take him there to watch flamingos hoist legs even spindlier than his.

He raises his right foot, beaming. Minutes pass, then days and weeks. 

Ezra’s persistence occasionally alarms me.

Time spools endlessly like a fishing line I’ve forgotten to bait.

Reaching out, I gently tip Ezra off centre and pull him into my arms. 

Judy Darley is a British author can’t stop writing about the fallibilities of the human mind. Her short fiction has been published and performed in the UK, US, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and India, including by The Mechanics’ Institute ReviewSpelk, Liars’ League, The Cabinet of Heed and SmokeLong Quarterly. She is Flash Fiction Editor at Reflex Press. Judy’s short story collection Sky Light Rain is out from Valley Press. Her debut collection Remember Me To The Bees is available from Tangent Books. Find Judy at http://www.skylightrain.com

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