The Ladle, Please

CW: Body Horror

I deserve to keep a part of your

phantom body

as compensation for the rushed 

exorcism in the grocery store.

I even forgot the carrots.

Take the bumpy road home

over mountains of my knuckles.

Your hand only,

fingers between mine when I’m slicing 

garlic and scraping onion into the pot.

What use could you have for it,

separated this long?

I’ve already named it.

Anyway, I could use the help

with the soup.

Jerica Taylor is a non-binary neurodivergent queer cook, birder, and chicken herder. Their work has appeared in Stone of Madness, FERAL, perhappened,  and Impossible Archetype. She lives with her wife and young daughter in Western Massachusetts. Twitter @jericatruly

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