Wounds disguised as sentiments but

memories are clothes borrowed from the dead, eventually returned to caskets enthroned in basements and attics, unburied. On a dream that you dress up with yesterday’s regrets and hopes, they walk away on their own, disentangling peeling themselves off your skin, they go back to a concealed crevice you blanketed with half-truths. Of course, they stay forever—there. That is where they belong, where they pleasure themselves with your beliefs, and perhaps your longings to return with them, to wear them forever, to wear yourself with pain. The abuse left nothing unscathed. So did love you watch dismembered, feet walking away from the heart. You do not shake the remembering off, you honor the memories and let them stay a while. Until then, they feel the blood that pumps beneath your skin. They leave without goodbyes and crawl back to bodies you cannot bring back to life.

Noeme Grace C. Tabor-Farjani has authored Letters from Libya, a chapbook of short memoirs about her family’s escape from the Second Libyan Civil War in 2014. Her works have recently appeared in covid19 poetry anthology Global Poemic. In 2018, she successfully defended her PhD dissertation in creative writing pedagogy. In between gardening and yoga, she teaches literature and humanities at the high school level in the Philippines.  

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