Wednesday Addams’ Winter Wishlist

(1) bamboo for bastinado (2) some bare feet
(3) babushka zombies in a row (4) hatchet
(5) a new guillotine (it is indeed a feat
to keep those clean) (6) braided sea grass basket
in which a black mamba hides (7) year’s supply
of cyanide (8) small casket for a headless
doll (9) misery to one and all (10) an eye-
ball of a dead crane fly (they don’t exist
anywhere nearby) (11) a boy that I could
terrify to death (12) castor oil to pour
in tea service grandma left when girls should
decide to visit me — a punishment demure
disguised as tea (13) plier’s for my brother’s teeth
— well, tooth, he forfeited in gin rummy.

Kristin Garth is the author of seventeen books of poetry including Flutter Southern Gothic Fever Dream, The Meadow and Candy Cigarette Womanchild Noir. She is the Dollhouse Architect of Pink Plastic House a tiny journal and has a weekly sonnet podcast called Kristin Whispers Sonnets. Visit her site and talk to her on Twitter @lolaandjolie.

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