Every Awful Sound

It sounds like a nightmare. Screeching, scratching, crushing, cracking across the carcass-laden ground.  

Mama told you not to wander in dark places. Like this dark cave in the middle of nowhere.

You didn’t listen.

You gasp at the first squishy sound like a creature squealing in pain. Then, nails on chalkboard, slowly, deliberately. Then a crunchy growl like from a hungry animal. Far away then very close.

You slash out with your flashlight, but there’s nothing there but smoke.

It laughs at you. It’s a guttural kind of laugh, like the belching engine of a semi truck.

The volume around you intensifies. Rattling, retching, crying, cursing.

You cover your ears, but it’s so loud. It’s everywhere. Every awful sound. A cacophony so violent, it makes your knees buckle and your ears bleed.


Elad Haber writes stories that exist in the ephemeral space between the click of the light and the start of the dream. His work has been featured most recently at Space and Time Magazine, Hybrid Fiction, and StarShipSofa. You can follow his ramblings on music and writing and the world on twitter @MusicInMyCar or on his website at

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